Translations and Proofreading

Fundraising for Goodness Associations

As part of our fundraising efforts, our international organisation

has for many years made sure that our translations are rooted in tradition, but move with the times.

We have been renowned for the high quality of our translations and localisations. And it's no wonder, because our professional translators are not only excellent linguists. In addition to their linguistic training, each translator

will also be conversant with a specialist subject area and be familiar with the current terminology.

Inclusion of corporate language and regional variances where appropriate are just as much a part of a

translator's work as the use of state-of-the-art communication methods and translation memory systems.

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Selected with discernment

The oversupply of translators and proofreaders on the market is considerable; unfortunately, the same cannot always be said for the quality of their work. Our selection procedure for the recruitment of new technical translators is subject to strict criteria, a process has been refined and developed continuously to guarantee only first-rate translations and proofreading excellence will be delivered to you.

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Translation aids and our passion

A freelance translator will briefly become an external member of staff in your company or organisation when translating on your behalf. The more translation tools, glossaries and reference materials you can provide, the more effectively your translator will be able to extract your language and embed your in-house terminology in the finished translation. Proofreading and translating are our passions.

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Target audience and the difference

How should the translation be received by the audience? Will the text be spoken? Who will read the text or listen to it? Where and in what medium will the text be used? What elements will make the difference? The more details you can provide us with, the more precisely we can formulate, correct and refine the text for the intended purpose. With years of experience, we are your best possible partner.

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We connect worlds for you and get your message across.

Whatever the language.

We connect worlds.

With meaning and for all meanings

Our vision and our mission statement are based on our values. The values that guide us in our daily work. We treat everyone we come into contact with during our work with respect and appreciation, be they fellow colleagues, clients or suppliers. We remain convinced that such an approach leads to long-term partnerships from which everyone involved benefits.

It is part of our mission - it’s what we strive for daily on your behalf

We will also transfer your message from language to language, from person to person. In doing so we read between the lines, so that your values are received everywhere as intended.

Our core values - they guide and remain

with us in our work

As an owner-managed family business with a long-standing tradition and financial independence, we are convinced that our high regard for quality and client satisfaction forms the basis for our continuing success. A flexible and efficient way of working that guarantees confidentiality is just as important in achieving this result as is transparency and sustainability within our environment - and even beyond our field of work. Our open and self-critical stance allows us to repeatedly reassess our processes and then subject these to continuous refinement. This provides us with the basis to progress further technically and as people, and to also be able to have recourse to the latest expertise and in-depth knowledge in the future.

We approach our clients as individuals, in a trusting and transparent manner

Requirements and expectations tend to become apparent in different ways from customer to customer and as such requires individual, bespoke solutions. To live up to this ideal, we place great importance on personal, trusting and transparent contact with our clients. We see ourselves not just as service providers, but as external members of staff for our clients; staff who always read between the lines, who can place themselves in the shoes of our clients, and who have the long-term success of all as their objective. Over the long term this appreciation of clients has led to valuable partnerships that are characterised by mutual trust and stability in critical economic situations.

Our team

is the most valuable asset of our organisation

We are convinced that it is the team who is the true capital in every organisation; it will stand or fall on the strength of its people. That's why, in addition to working in a motivated and quality-conscious manner - as required by the flexible and individual way in which we support our clients - employee satisfaction is extremely important to us. Only those who feel valued and understood in their environment, only those who can contribute and develop will realise their full potential. Our traditional, flat hierarchy requires us to be able to respond positively to criticism and exhibit high degrees of personal responsibility and teamwork. Our mostly long-serving employees and high levels of customer satisfaction serve to continually reaffirm our intrinsic values.

We hold our translators, interpreters

and proofreaders in the highest regard

We treat each and every one of our exclusively mother-tongue translators and interpreters with the same degree of respect as our own staff. We are proud of the long-standing relationships that not only deepen trust but also promote quality in the long term. The high quality standards that our customers expect from us are also expected from our suppliers. Excellent reliability, quick comprehension and adaptability are the basic traits that are essential for

high-quality translations, interpretations and proofreading activities.

With our other fundraising efforts, this field has a special place in our hearts.

Some examples of organisations we have have successfully

worked with



Amnesty International is a non-governmental organisation with its headquarters in the United Kingdom focused on human rights. The organisation has more than seven million members and supporters around the world. The stated mission of the organization is to campaign for "a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments." In the field of international human rights organisations, Amnesty has the third-longest history, after the International Federation for Human Rights and the Anti-Slavery Society.



ACAT Switzerland's main goal is to take part in activism to address human rights violations worldwide and to combat torture and the death penalty. Assessing living conditions in detention is therefore a priority. The organisation works with other national ACATs in Africa, America, Asia and Europe and with FIACAT, as well as with other human rights organisations and the Swiss national churches. Our president worked there as a translator, proofreader, all-rounder and was also on the board of directors before fully concentrating on the

now international non-profit organisation

Goodness Associations.



The SRC is an aid organisation that is distinguished by the principles of its actions, its long experience, the breadth of its activities, its embedding in a worldwide movement. The Swiss Red Cross unites a variety of strengths in the areas of health, integration and rescue under one roof. The SRC comprises 24 cantonal associations and four rescue organisations, two institutions and the SRC Head Office. Our president worked there as a teacher, translator and proofreader before founding his first language school, which with time transformed into the non-governmental organisation that Goodness Associations is today.



The International Blue Cross (IBC) protects people from being harmed by substance abuse. As a non-governmental organisation IBC unites 38 independent national organisations in 37 countries under its umbrella. That makes it possible to engage worldwide in protecting the most vulnerable people and offering them better prospects. Like Goodness Associations, it also advocates for a society free of violence and discrimination.

Our president worked for IBC as an

advisor, translator, interpreter and proofreader.

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A range of services that leaves no wish unfulfilled

Demanding tasks require the services of highly-qualified partners who can be relied upon at all times. In the fields of translations, interpreting, proofreading and even web design, and in fact in all activities we are involved in, we only work with proven professionals with many years of experience and the right mindset.


By working with Goodness Associations you will be assured of receiving competent and professional support at all levels. Contact us for further information in regards to our fair prices, the many languages and areas we specialize and are expanding in.






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