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The carefully-selected works of art have been inspired by all the beauty and suffering in the world, showing greatness for what it is and turning pain into something beautiful. Imagination is the animus and anima of the soul

and our art a reflection of both the brilliance and great injustices in the world.

You can download a digital version of our artworks for only CHF 29.70 in high quality below

- if you order two, you will receive an addional artwork of ours of your choice

You may also order them as signed originals

- if the orginal has already been sold, we will give you a reduction for one of our other works of art

Alternatively, you can also order the artworks printed on canvas with your artwork of choice in the format

and size you desire and have them sent to your address or that of the recipient you wish to send it to

as a state-of-the art poster, a postcard or a wall calendar

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 It is not a must, but you may even add a little extra to the stated prices below

- which is why we are leaving the payment manuallly up to you

Please specify which work of art, as an original or in which format and size you desire for you and your loved ones,

if you'd like it on canvas, as a poster or if you prefer a high-quality postcard or calendar

Our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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