Dental Clinic

The best dental treatments in Europe

With one of our partners, we at Goodness Associations can offer you dental treatments in a pleasant atmosphere in Budapest. Our partner's dentists are multilingual and can communicate with you in different languages ​​(German, English, French or Russian) to meet your needs. During your dental treatment in Budapest, you will be treated in the most modern environment in order to receive all scientifically relevant information prior to the dental treatment. Many Swiss and other European customers visit our partner's clinic in Budapest because they appreciate the pleasant atmosphere, enjoy the trip and save a lot of money compared to dental treatments in Switzerland and other countries. A dental treatment in Budapest is easy for you too. Our partner will organise the transfer for you to your hotel or our dental clinic and if necessary they will be happy to organise your hotel booking in one of our partner hotels. The highly frequented flights to Budapest are very low in cost and the low-cost hotels make the location even more attractive.

Benefit from additional offers from a certain amount of the treatment costs.


Flydent Dental Clinic

FlyDent International Dental Clinic was founded in 2003 by Dr. Alexander Schreiner

and is located in the centre of Budapest, in the 11th district on the first floor of the Danubius Hotel Flamenco. The clinic specialises in various fields of dentistry.


The main areas are: oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, implantology, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, organic (bio) dentistry, orthodontics, restorative

and conservative dentistry and children’s dentistry.

The clinic provides all necessary modern high-tech medical equipment and is the best dental laboratory in Hungary. All stomatological works are performed only by known highly qualified European professionals applying the latest Western European technologies which give you a long-term guarantee for the performed work. 


After preliminary examination and free consultation for each patient our doctors develop an individual treatment plan which is adapted to the daily schedule of the patient.

The treatment plan and price calculation can be developed if the patient sends us panoramic x-rays by e-mail.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us or our partner directly.